The Chronicle

Bongani Ndlovu, Showbiz Correspondent

Multi-award winning Afro soul singer Berita Khumalo has released a music video, Yours, that was shot in Zimbabwe to show the beauty of the country despite its challenges.

The music video was shot in Bulawayo and Victoria Falls.

The stunning video is shot between the enchanting Victoria Falls and her beloved home town of Bulawayo, during a string of performances while embarking on her homecoming tour earlier this year.

Described as breath-taking and alluring, the video opens with a serene nature scene, with birds chirping, and the audible roar of the Zambezi river as it rushes over the cliffs to form the Victoria Falls. 

The second location is the railway museum located in Bulawayo. Here Berita triumphantly sings and dances to the chorus “I just want to be yours, yours you are mine” with the backdrop of a clear blue sky.

According to her record label Assali Music they also used shots of the Bulawayo Thermal station towers. 

“The iconic Bulawayo towers in the background which, interestingly, during the time we shot the video there was news about the  demolition of the two of them, due to aging beyond their design life. This video is my token of hope, love and positivity,” posted Berita on her social media platforms.

As from today, fans should expect to see Yours playing on traditional music video channels. At the beginning of the month, Berita’s hit single, Ndicel’ ikiss was part of the motion picture soundtrack for Netflix’s blockbuster rom-com, Holiday In The Wild. Netflix’s Holiday In The Wild, shot mostly in South Africa with some scenes in Zambia debuted yesterday on Netflix.