Patrick Swailes Caldwell as Martin Shkreli

Malcolm King as RZA

Malcolm King as RZA

The cast of PharmaBro

The cast of PharmaBro

The critically acclaimed Martin Shkreli musical is running Off-Broadway for 3 more weeks.

It “had me interested every step of the way… I have to recommend it.””

— Peter Filichia, Broadway Radio

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, May 31, 2017 — For more information contact Lauren Gundrum
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PharmaBro: An American Douchical! is running Off-Broadway with a limited engagement, six week run at the Players Theatre from May 11th – June 18th, 2017. Formerly titled Martin Shkreli’s Game, the musical had its world premiere in July 2016 with a sold-out run at the Workshop Theatre in Midtown Manhattan, and has received critical acclaim Off-Broadway.

PharmaBro is about – you guessed it – “pharma bro” Martin Shkreli, the ex-Pharmaceuticals CEO who raised the price of Daraprim by 5000% and will be facing trial on June 26th, 2017 – eight days after the show closes.

The show satirizes Shkreli’s bizarre purchase of a certain one-of-a-kind hip-hop album, and the ensuing heist by said hip-hop group to get it back. It is a timely examination of corporate greed, the American Dream gone wrong, the influence of the media, and the importance of art. Shkreli is very much an ambassador of Trump’s America (he even pledged to release the album if Trump won, but then of course didn’t) – and this show gives the audience a chance to root against Shkreli and all that he represents, while tapping their toes to some fun, catchy tunes.
I mean, who doesn’t want to watch Shkreli ride around on a hoverboard and get his ass handed to him?

Martin Shkreli f***ed with the wrong rap group, and he’s about to get what’s coming to him: a musical heist. With ghosts. And Bill Murray.

PharmaBro: an American Douchical! is a story about corporate greed, the American Dream gone wrong, and what happens when you try to f*** with a certain hip-hop group and their pal Bill Murray.
When evil “pharma bro” Martin Shkreli raised the price of Daraprim 5000%, he became one of America’s real-life villains. Then, he did the unthinkable: purchased, hoarded, and threatened to destroy a one-of-a-kind hip-hop album that the world had been anticipating for years. Watch Martin Shkreli get what’s coming to him in “the musical heist you never knew you wanted but would DEFINITELY go see” (Yahoo Music).

Written and Produced by: Lauren Gundrum & Joel Esher
Directed by: Tyler Spicer

Performances will run May 11th – June 18th, 2017
Players Theatre, 115 Macdougal Street, New York, NY 10012
Thursdays at 8 pm
Fridays at 8 pm
Saturdays at 5 pm and 8 pm
Select Sunday matinees:
June 11th at 3 pm

Running time: 85 minutes, no intermission Tickets:

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PharmaBro: An American Douchical!
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