In an effort to save us all, Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande blessed the earth with “Rain on Me.” The Nicola Formichetti-styled music video featured everything we needed: dance moves in the rain, latex bodysuits, white eyeliner, and fairy wings.

It is said that “R&B died when mfs stopped singing in the rain.” But with everything going on right now, Gaga and Grande’s collab got me thinking that perhaps the key to a better world is more music videos, R&B or otherwise, in the rain.




I mean, “Rain on Me”  gave us the gift of Leslie Jordan grooving to it.

Leslie Jordan can’t get enough of #RainOnMe

— 🐝 Ryan | Lady Gaga 🏳️‍🌈 (@ryanleejohnson) May 25, 2020

I then present to you ten music videos with people singing and dancing in the rain along with how they marginally improved our lives.

“It’s Raining Men” – Geri Halliwell

This music video contains all the elements of ’80s dance movies. It also possesses every other relevant ’90s look we are referencing now from cropped tops and joggers to dad sneakers. Dua Lipa could never.

“Umbrella” – Rihanna

Whoever claims that they say “umbrella” without the “ella, ella, ella” echo every single time is a liar.

“U Got It Bad” – Usher

If your partner is not willing to spin around a traffic light and kneel in the puddles while it’s raining, do they really love you?

“Beautiful Liar” – Beyoncé and Shakira

I believe that there is a written decree somewhere that no two divas can collaborate in a video if it doesn’t involve a rain dance sequence.

“Delicate” – Taylor Swift

This video made me regret not pursuing my ballet lessons as my mother said. It doesn’t stop me from trying to recreate Taylor’s dance moves every time it rains.

“Another Sad Love Song” – Toni Braxton

Singing in front of a video of you singing in the rain. Metafiction and theatrics that only Toni Braxton can pull off.

“A Year Without Rain” – Selena Gomez & The Scene

There is another law that says no popstar post-Britney era can be without a meeting-you-lover-in-the-rain scene.

“Rain” – Aitch x AJ Tracey feat. Tay Keith

We wouldn’t have a fun video and rap song like this if not for all the hip-hop tenants established in the past.

“On Bended Knee” – Boyz II Men

All lists about videos in the rain must include Boyz II Men and Mariah Carey.

“Through the Rain” – Mariah Carey

Do you see what I mean? Special shoutout to “Angel’s Cry” where Mariah belts it out in the alley outside the studio. We didn’t know how good we had it ten years ago.


LISTEN: Let Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande cool you down with ‘Rain on Me’


Excuse me, Miss, but are you wearing an eclair?

Excuse me, Miss, but are you wearing an eclair?