Applications are now open for the Flying Musicians Association (FMA) Solo Scholarships program.

The program awards at least two scholarships a year to student musicians who are also passionate about learning to fly. The scholarship takes the student from zero hours to solo.

Nominations must be made by music teachers by Jan. 31, 2020. Candidates must be a junior or senior high school music student with a passion for music and aviation.

All nominees will receive a sponsored FMA student membership, including an FMA shirt and other items donated by FMA members and sponsors. Those who remain engaged in the FMA network are also assisted in many ways, according to John Zapp, FMA president.

“FMA members love assisting others who share our passions of flying and music,” he said. “To be able to assist and watch our student members grow through aviation and music while inspiring others is such a rewarding experience. The program has soloed nine students, with two in the wings.”

The 2020 FMA Solo Application is now available online.

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