Artist Anastasia A. Experiences Eroticism Shooting a Bieber Cover While Pregnant

AA Music launches Justin Bieber cover “I’ll Show You.” On Anastasia A’s Youtube channel


This daring video represents an evolution in Anastasia’s releases as a maturing performer. “For many years,” Anastasia explains, “I released music on the Disney & Family Channel and had to be careful with everything I said and did. I was so tired of pretending that having a clean image is what inspires youth when, being yourself and doing what makes you happy and being a good person is all that counts.”

The artistic turn towards the seductive and erotic stems from a deeper desire for self expression by the artist, saying how she has “been going crazy with desire to do something sexy” and how she was determined to do so, “pregnant or not.”

People are already taking note of both this erotic turn in Anastasia’s career, as well as the courage to show the beauty of pregnancy, in an industry that tends to shy away. “I admire Ana for her undeniable determination in seeing this music video through,” said Mitch Cappe of 81Entertainment, adding “especially considering it being filmed so late in her pregnancy. Working collaboratively with she and Zack, it was honestly such a pleasure.”

Zack Bernbaum, the director of the work, spoke about the importance of giving Anastasia the opportunity to explore new aspects of her image and performance. “We employed a cool and stylish tone to the bathtub scene, a rich and luxurious feel for the bedroom, a simple and elegant quality to the void, and a warm yet isolated atmosphere for the staircase,” Bernbaum described. “She finally got to release something that allowed her to be sensual and mature.”

The ambitious shoot involved several makeup and wardrobe changes, along with two-and-a-half hours of improvised scenes in a bathtub while wearing sexy lingerie; something that would challenge any expecting mother. “I wanted to feel sexy and enjoy the many attentions of my glam squad,” says the former Disney performer. “A lot of people were shocked that I even did it, saying I should be at home and taking it easy. I chose to celebrate the power and beauty in being strong enough to have babies and still do what you love.”

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