A young dexterous guy, with splendour that corroborates the claim of him being a luminary in his niche of music, Daud, unfurling his future plans, wants to succour the endeavouring and suppressed artists.

At the young age of 21, after exhibiting consummate skill and proving himself as an unrivalled and an unparalleled kingpin, Asli Daud is all set to launch his open music label.

Being a visionary and having an executive and intuitive personality, he has already affected the plans.The launch event is going to be majestic and would engender a platform which could uplift the restrained through ministrations

The hotshot plans to bring all the struggling underprivileged concomitantly under an umbrella so that they could get a turn and could showcase their skills. Coming from the visionary himself, Asli Daud explains- “My journey was solitary and arduous to this dias, at this point I want to ameliorate the situation of people who are virtuous and worry”

We heartily wish his project a colossal success and hope he received immense love from the industry!!

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