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Billie Eilish has a vision of what hell is really like … tarring and feathering herself on the set of her upcoming music video … and the images will stick with you!!!

The 17-year-old alt-pop singer got down and dirty filming the video for her track, “all the good girls go to hell” … throwing on a huge set of feathery wings and completely covering herself in heavy black makeup that looks just like sludge.

The imagery is pretty powerful … you see Billie slowly rising up from the ground, bogged down by the tar and feathers, as she sings for the cameras. At one point, she switches into a pure white look with some perfectly clean feathers for some serious angel vibes.

If you paid attention in history class, you might recall learning about tarring and feathering … an old form of public humiliation used in feudal Europe, and even here in America.

But, history lessons are boring, so Billie’s music video also has FIRE … massive flickering FLAMES and a HUGE EXPLOSION!!!

Check out the clip … Billie’s song is catchy as hell.