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Play music from your phone, CDs, and the radio.

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By Miller KernMashable Shopping2019-10-02 15:06:25 UTC

TL;DR: The powerful and versatile Bose Wave Music System IV is on sale for $375, saving you $124.

Most speakers for sale right now just feature Bluetooth playback and that’s it. Which is objectively a great function, but what if you’re still holding on to your extensive CD collection? Even if they are considered retro now, the discs deserve to be played on a quality speaker.

The Bose Wave Music System IV delivers the powerful Bose quality we all know and love and it plays music from your phone, CDs, and the radio. Let’s see your Bluetooth speaker do that. Even better, the Bose Wave is on sale for $375, down from $499.

This powerful speaker fills the room with lifelike sound that goes well beyond the unit’s size. The music system has a small, simple design that will look good virtually anywhere. And the included remote lets you control your music no matter where you put the speaker.

This bad boy also has an alarm clock function. It’s basically like a radio from the early 2000s but with an updated, modern look and features. There’s even an optional Bluetooth adapter for going cordless.

Grab the Bose Wave Music System IV are start bumping all your favorite tunes for $375.

Bose Wave Music System IV is on sale for $124 off at Amazon