Bring CDs back with 0 off Bose’s Wave music system IV
Bring CDs back with 0 off Bose’s Wave music system IV

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CDs have a bad rep. While vinyl and even cassettes have gone through a bit of a revival, very few people give a single, solitary fuck about CDs. Which is a massive shame. CDs are a great format.

They’re hardy, easy-to-use, long-lasting, and produce brilliant-sounding music at a higher quality than the majority of streaming services. On top of that, you can get CDs pretty damn cheap these days, as public demand is so low.

If you’ve been thinking about dusting off some of your old jewel cases and getting back into an under-appreciated format, then we have a deal for you: $200 off Bose‘s Wave music system IV.

Yes, you can now pick up this rather fancy bit of kit for $300, down from $500. Not bad, right?

Bose‘s Wave music system IV sure is a looker.

Now, although Bose‘s Wave music system IV can play CDs, it’s important to note that’s not all it does. The hardware also has an FM/AM radio function (who doesn’t like chilling out to some old school sound waves, right?) and an auxiliary port.

That latter part means you can easily plug your phone in if you’d like to access the modern world of music. Unfortunately, Bose‘s Wave music system IV doesn’t have Bluetooth, but if that truly bothers you, it’s easy enough to buy a receiver and plug it into the back of the machine.

The Wave music system IV has that Bose sound and quality you’d expect, so if you’ve been looking for a way to get back in touch with your CDs — or are simply browsing for a solid-sounding audio device — then this is a good shout.

You can pick up Bose’s Wave music system IV for $300 here.

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Published September 1, 2019 — 12:01 UTC

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