Bring Me The Horizon confirm Forest Whitaker stars in new music video
Bring Me The Horizon confirm Forest Whitaker stars in new music video

Bring Me The Horizon have confirmed ‘Black Panther’ star Forest Whitaker features in their new music video for ‘In The Dark’.

Oli Sykes

Frontman Oli Sykes – who is a huge sci-fi lover – has revealed he has made his directional debut for the promo, which is due to be released today (21.10.19), and thanked the Oscar-winner for “putting his trust” in him as he admitted it was a challenging process.

Alongside a behind-the-scenes clip from the video, Oli wrote on Instagram: “Tomorrow I get to show you guys my directorial debut for @bringmethehorizon & sorta threw myself in the deep end.. I only just finished the edit & have no sense of anything anymore.. A very special thanks to #ForestWhitaker for putting his trust in me & @brian_c0x for assisting me in pulling this off. The sound I make at the end of this video kinda sums it all up.. BTS shot by (sic)”

It’s no surprise that the Hollywood legend signed up for the gig, as his daughter Sonnet, 23, is a huge fan of the British rock band, and he even attended their show in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2017, with her.

‘In The Dark’ is the latest single from the band’s number one album ‘amo’.

Meanwhile, fans are still waiting to hear the ‘Sleepwalking’ hitmakers’ collaboration with Halsey.

Both shared a clip of the ‘Without Me’ hitmaker in the recording booth laying down some vocals on Twitter back in July.

After finishing her take, she can be heard asking: “Can we do it again? I’m gonna faint.”

BMTH’s programmer Jordan Fish then asked: “That sounds so cool. Is it too crazy?”

And the pop star replied: “No it’s sick. Let’s go. Come on.”

The ‘Nightmare’ singer has previously defended her love of emo bands like Bring Me The Horizon as a pop artist.

The US star revealed herself as a fan of the popular rock band’s music video for ‘medicine’ in January, and was met with a response from a less than impressed social media user.

Halsey had tweeted: “BMTH is rly THAT band. (sic)”, to which the person with the handle @samdispute replied: “Halsey is the girl from high school that made fun of u for listening to ‘screamo’ and then 3 yrs later calls herself emo cuz she listens to the story so far (sic)”

The 25-year-old star then declared that she has been “emo since the dawn of time” and that she hasn’t suddenly become a fan of Oli and co – who have headed in a more pop-influenced direction in recent times – as she saw them perform a decade ago.

She replied: “if this is about my bmth tweet I saw them live for the first time in 2009.

“ur obviously new around here if u dont know that I was an emo since the dawn of time. (sic)”