British Children’s Musical Group ‘Kids United’ Launch Petition To Stop French Copy Cat Children’s Band From Using Their Band Name ‘Kids United.’

LONDON, MIDDLESEX, UNITED KINGDOM, June 28, 2019 — British children’s musical group ‘Kids United‘ have launched a petition to stop Warner Music France and the Warner Music Group from promoting their copy cat musical group under the same name and passing them off as the original British ‘Kids United’ musical group. The petition can be signed by going to the website and by clicking on the petition link located at the top of the main menu.

The “Kids United” musical group were first made famous when BBC Radio 4 produced a news special, which was aired to millions of its listeners to help promote their songs, “I’ll Be There” (singing with Michael), which featured vocals by Michael Jackson and The Jackson 5. The news special also featured the Kids United “World’s Children’s Day Anthem Song,” which was used for an awareness campaign to promote “World Children’s Day,” which takes place every 20th of November. During the interview, the “Kids United” musical group also spoke about the business side of running their music label, Bangin’ Records, and the selling of their music and merchandise through the website. They also spoke about their involvement with the animal charity, the “Born Free Foundation.”

“Kids United” were not only a musical act who ran a record label, but also pioneers, by becoming the world’s first musical act to sell their music entirely through downloads via their website. Further to all this, “Kids United” were passionate campaigners, who headed a campaign to establish a National Children’s Day in the United Kingdom. They did this by recording the Kids United “World Children’s Day Anthem Song” which drew attention to this cause due to its upbeat message of unity and hope within the lyrics of their song. Thanks to them, “National Children’s Day” now exists every 12th May.

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