Generating a groundswell of immaculacy, Carman’s telling a much more compelling and moving story on this one

Las Vegas, Nevada — February 22, 2022- Champaign Pauli Carman’s delicate foundation of the piano becomes apparent when the intimacy it disperses into the song builds with each verse he exhales.

Previous releases from the artist have already garnered association to the most supreme of nominations – Grammy’s. The new single ‘Can’t let you go’ creates an aura mirroring the formula Carman devised to set his previous benchmarks – intimacy, honesty and intricacy across all the elements bringing the song to life.

Once again, the impassioned artist exhilarates emotion in the first few seconds – the perceptiveness and detail to art start the song with a moving, wavering echo, capturing every ounce of the listener’s attention span.

Here, in ‘Can’t let you go’ he is telling a more jarring story about love: What it means to inflict pain on your loved one, confess that pain to yourself and your loved one and hope to rebuild that love story despite them not wanting to.

Such an introspection requires more than just the human body, the artist went into the scraps of his own self to rebuild what broke the love he held so dear. The lyrics reflect, a song pop infused with the writing of pure soul.

A hard task to commemorate…Carman’s melodic voicings in a very vulnerable song prove to still be pumping the ear just enough to never lose attention.

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Behind every artist with the catalog of accolades Carman is enshrined with, there is always a coming of epiphany, an undying passion birthed into them so deep, they didn’t even need to immerse themselves further.

For Carman, his music is the literal representation of his voice, message and core identity. He continues to make the most intimate of records, those delivering inspiration and healing beyond just entertainment over a few minutes

The artist has long presumed the role of lead vocalist for records that then turned him multi-platinum before he even knew it. Leading the vocals for ‘Champaign,’ ‘How ‘Bout Us,’ ‘Try Again,’ and ‘Off and On Love’ the artist then bagged top 5 status for all his music videos across the charts of MTV, VH1, and BET.

Even Madison Square Garden has been filled with the vocal he is known to exhilarate. With his soulful renditions of his hits, he toured Cow Palace, United Center, Sanger Theatre, Epcot Center, and Disney world. To the likes of the international music shows, hit TV shows like Soul Train, American Bandstand, Great Britain’s Top of The Pop and many more – the artist has ventured into the conglomerate of the music industry to peak even higher.


Name: Champaign Pauli Carman
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