Marking the celebratory summer season as the pandemic subsides, rising powerhouse A.O.C.entral C.ommand is set to brighten up the mood with a stirring new release, striking all the right chords with his exciting and laid-back rhythms, coming like a cyclone.

Hamilton Township, New Jersey – August 3rd,2021 – A magnetic and rising act in the world of Hip Hop, R&B, and Reggae, A.O.C.entral C.ommand, known also by the artistic identity AO is driven to soar. With the release of his stirring and captivating EP- Episode V: Agency Agenda: 2nd Cycle (Spin Cycle) on July 2nd, 2021, AO exhibits expert lyricism and craftsmanship in experimenting and playing long with diverse flavours of music.

“EP- Episode V: Agency Agenda: 2nd Cycle” offers a unique summer album with a series of anthems, such as “Sex with the Ex” and “Slide with Me”, to help reinvent and grasp the spirit of summer and its feelings, after a year of the pandemic. “Sex with the Ex” beats contributed by TrackPros and “Slide with Me” beats were done by TheCratez.

A refreshing new project, “Episode 5: Agency Agenda” involves a stirring and engrossing narrative allure, featured by a spin to the agency under a new cycle. Adding the new agent “Cyclone” to the agency will take the agency in a new direction, driven by uplifting and exciting lyricism and scoring. The new release forms a “Phase Two”, which follows up on the EP- ‘Episode 5: Agency Agenda: 1st Cycle (As the World Turns)’, which was released in January 2021.

“Just wanted to get people in the groove of being able to enjoy the summer ahead after Covid-19. For this project, I just wanted to step out of my comfort zone. I wanted to experiment with different types of music,” says Agent Operative regarding his newest release.

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Ready to amaze and enthrall after picking up from Episode 1, The Agency Operative has recently emerged with a new album ‘Episode 2 – Agent on a Mission’. Throughout his career, the agency operative has gone through a series of transformative experiences to reach where he stands as a Hip Hop artist. From writing in a journal to writing rhymes, the Agency Operative went from playing the trumpet to being a seasoned vocalist. Already putting in 8 years in the game and still going, A.O. Is ready to strike once again with his newest release to the chapter, “Episode V: Agency Agenda”.



Name: A.O. C.entral C.ommand
Email: [email protected]
Business Address:
100 Horizon Center Blvd
1st Floor and 2nd Floor
Hamilton, New Jersey 08691
United States