Building lives with the healing power of music,’s dynamic founding members, Noir Dream, are driven to ignite hope, compassion, and healing, with their soul-stirring new single, “Re-Programe”.

Woodland, Washington – June 30th, 2021 – Rising musical act Noir Dream is on the right track towards success, with their stirring new single, “Re-Programe”, breaks into the Alternative and Hard Rock genres.

Comprising just one contribution to MadHatterMusic’s amazing Album22 project, ” Re-Programe”, Is a song about overcoming our conditioning, finding forgiveness and personal healing. The captivating single emits a rich mix of transformative energy and highlights the need for forgiveness and healing. The Album22 project itself is a cross-promotional effort from various artists from around the world who want to use their music to inspire and lift humanity.

Moved by the therapeutic force of music, Noir Dream aim to uplift those around them while spurring the feeling of forgiveness within listeners. Uniting the world through the universal language of music, the dynamic artists are looking forward to an inspiring understanding with inimitable clarity and powerful vocals. Dominated with signature Bass and vocals combinations, “Re-Porgrame” features a grungy driving bassline and vocals that form the group’s signature sound.

“We have a mission to lift and build humanity by supporting and lifting the artists and musicians who help shape our world. We share new music…alongside the resources to understand mental illness and share awareness for preventing suicide,” say Noir Dream regarding their release.

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Noir Dream is an up-and-coming musical sensation that consists of the founding members of The talented collective includes the sheer musical prowess of Jared and William, who are on a mission to produce mindful musical compositions.

Using their talents in music for greater goals, Jared and William both began working on music therapy in August 2018, after facing multi-faceted troubles in their life’s course. At 18 years of age, despite having music training through school, Jared lost his musical abilities one day and was later diagnosed with PTSD from childhood trauma. Similarly, William used music as an avenue of expression to help cope with his Schizoaffective (Schizophrenia and Bi-polar) disorder. They performed as a trio, first with Brian and then later with Andrew.

Under the purview of the supportive Mad Hatter Music umbrella, both the talented individuals could organize a set. In September 2019, Noir Dream played at a suicide awareness walk. Despite facing some initial setbacks, William and Jared continue to soar onward and upward with a determined drive and buzzing talents to show to the world. Receiving counselling for the trauma awakened the duo to who they are today and engrossed them in their tireless work with



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