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Melbourne, Australia – December 11, 2019 – This time of year always reminds Collo of his the start of his musical journey. Many years ago, at only eight-years-old, he received an acoustic guitar under the Christmas tree. From there his love of music evolved into a fascination with songwriting. Today, after years of focusing his attention elsewhere, he’s finally ready to share his talents with the world on his debut EP, ‘The Bluff.’

Written and recorded in Collo’s home studio, ‘The Bluff’ highlights his tenacity for songwriting. He notes the music always comes first, lyrics second. A composer with a gift, he then hands off the vocal duties to his guest vocalists; Victoria K and Vaughn Mittens. Each of them put their unique twist on the wonderful arrangements and lyrics Collo created. Songs like “To Be Gone” and “Standing In The Rain.” The latter being about domestic violence and taking a stand against it.

“There had been quite a number of news pieces on domestic violence and some local women inspiring others with their brave stands against it. I wanted this song to get the message across about taking a stand but I wanted to do it more like a story than just simply trying to push the message.”

An advocate for good in the world and a songwriter at heart, Collo spent much of his life working outside of music but once he reached his mid-50s he knew it was time to finally go for it musically. He notes, “It has taken me until now to develop both the belief and sufficient capability to now be comfortable sharing my music with the world-at-large.” To date, Collo has more than enough to work with. He has over two albums worth of tracks he’s working on. Each one displaying how he can write and compose in a variety of styles including ska, rock, and ballads.

Those interested in adding new rock music to their playlists, reviewing ‘The Bluff,’ or interviewing Collo can reach out via the information provided below.

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Collo spent the first part of his life dreaming of making music. Now he’s finally going for it with his debut rock EP, ‘The Bluff.’

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