Concert celebrates power of music to bring people together

 05 Oct 2019 – 10:20

Sherborne Qatar Prep choir performs at “Cantus: A Celebration of Voice and Instruments” concert at Katara Drama Theatre on Thursday.

Doha: It was an evening that celebrated the power of music in bringing people together as more than 80 talented young students of Sherborne Qatar staged a well-applauded concert at Katara Drama Theatre on Thursday.

Dubbed “Cantus: A Celebration of Voice and Instruments,” the show was a product of collaboration among Katara, the South African Embassy and Sherborne Qatar.

Speaking to local media at the concert, South African Ambassador to Qatar Faizel Moosa underlined the significance of music in educating children and its inherent power in uniting people from different backgrounds.

“Music brings people together. The Free Nelson Mandela concert in the UK brought the world together into one voice demanding the release of Mandela in a show with thousands of people in attendance.

That’s the magic of music,” said Moosa, while highlighting how music in schools can produce more cohesive generations of future leaders.

“We are investing in our children in terms of arts and culture since they are the generation who will lead us in the future, therefore this is such an important endeavour that’s why the embassy got involved,” said the ambassador on South African Embassy’s partnership with Sherborne Qatar for the project.

A huge number of people from various backgrounds watched the concert which played a diverse repertoire of songs and musical pieces featuring performances by musicians from Sherborne Qatar’s Prep and Senior Schools comprising students from different nationalities.

The Prep Choir charmed the crowd singing a number of songs some of which witnessed audience participation while the Senior Choir enthralled those in attendance as they  performed Beatles classic “Blackbird” and a lullaby with the accompaniment of the Senior band.

Several students demonstrated their talent and skill in playing musical instruments including piano and harp.

Under the baton of musician and composer Razwan Sarwar, who is Prep School’s head of music, the show also featured opera singer Lilian Sebeko who enthralled the audience with her performance of concert staples such as “Nella Fantasia” and “I Dreamed A Dream.”

Katara has been working with different embassies in bringing to a wider audience a variety of musical performances inspired by many cultures.

On other future collaborations with Katara, Moosa said there are a few events being lined up including an exhibition of the works of a South African artist and an attempt to set the Guinness World Record for the biggest oil painting involving a South African artist who holds three Guinness World Records.


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