Robyn sang and danced and danced and danced to a very excited and gay crowd at the Toyota Music Factory.  She then closed out her tour and headed to Round Up Saloon for the post tour after-party.  She jumped in the DJ booth and kept the packed crowd bopping all night long!  So much for dancing on my own!

HER CONCERT SET LIST: 1. Honey. 2. Indestructible. 3. Hang With Me 4. Beach2k20 5. Ever Again 6. Be Mine 7. Because It’s In the Music 8. Between the Lines 9. Love Is Free 10. Don’t Fucking Tell Me What To Do 11. Dancing On My Own 12. Missing U 13. Call Your Girlfriend ENCORE 14. Trust Me 15. Stars 4-Ever 16. With Every Heartbeat ENCORE 2 17. Human Being 18. Who Do You Love?

— Text by Chad Mantooth, Photos by Nicholas Gonzalez