Crafting Sensual and Rhythmic Music with Infusions of Pop– Rising Artist Vegas Chips Unveils Striking New Single ‘The Things U Do’

Ushering a new wave of vibrant and flowing music, Vegas Chips displays masterful prowess at lyricism and instrumentalism in his latest release.

Las Vegas, Nevada – September 18th, 2021- In an industry where the pop genre is already saturated with prominent global icons, it can become somewhat daunting for up-and-coming artists to establish a presence very early on in their career. This, however, has been untrue for Vegas Chips, a rising talent from the busy streets of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Vegas Chips has been making music all his life – from singing and dancing to Michael Jackson as a little kid when he was at family gatherings at the age of 5, to his first singing group at 13, first rap group at 15, and becoming a young indie label owner at 19.

His newest single, titled ‘The Things U Do’ was released on September 9th, 2021, and is already turning into a crowd-pleasing favorite. It is a song that just feels good to everyone who has heard it. It is inviting, sexy, and rhythmic, while also telling an intriguing story. The music and lyrics flow superbly, and the melodies all feel very natural. There is widespread agreement among his fans that this is his best single to date. Vegas Chips plans on releasing 2 more singles, and then an album, later this year, along with a couple of music videos.

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Vegas Chips is an up-and-coming pop artist who has had a life profoundly influenced by music. He has also worked behind the scenes, producing music for other artists, and it was during that time period that he truly realized his potential. After a small hiatus, the artist decided to unveil a short EP, which was received with a series of great reviews. Vegas Chips is now the managing member of his own label and is making a living doing his own thing. His latest release ‘The Things U Do’ is being hailed as his greatest work yet.

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