Creating Fusions of Passionate, Vibrant, and Fluid Melodies Inspired by Maui Culture in Pop: Rising Singer-Songwriter Dayan Kai Unveils New Single ‘Losing Our Way’

Breaking barriers and shunning cultural stereotypes, Dayan Kai embraces his Maui heritage and makes sure to make it resonate proudly in his music, as he conquers the world of pop one song at a time.

Haiku, Hawaii – August 26th, 2021- Dayan Kai’s vibrant, acoustic journey, filled with Hawaiian influence, his vocals, and his brilliant fluidity on instruments like the piano, organ, acoustic guitar, bass, drums, and trumpet, have been a source of utmost inspiration and admiration amongst aspiring musicians especially those hailing from Hawaii.

Maui born, Dayan Kai is a phenomenal singer and songwriter with talents spanning multiple instruments. His spirits and passion for music is what allows him to reach great heights and great depths with his songs and lyrics. Being well versed across an array of musical traditions and cultures, including Americana, bluegrass, blues, country, folk, jazz, pop, and even reggae, allows Dayan Kai to showcase his expertise as creatively as he desires.

Formally trained since the age of 2, Dayan Kai has studied extensively under the finest of musicians spanning classical, jazz, and world traditions. His latest release ‘Losing Our Way’ is perhaps his greatest and most ambitious work yet. This compelling new single evokes a lush and spacious world that propels the audience to reflect on what is truly important, before its too late. Complemented by Jimmy Dillon playing the Gryphon 12-string guitar, Dayan Kai offers his fans the ultimate pop experience in ‘Losing Our Way’.

Flourishing with warm vocals, accentuated with impeccable harmonies, the lyrics of Dayan Kai’s ‘Losing Our Way’ fill the audience’s hearts with sentiments that can only be described as passion, inspiration, and hope. He is hailed as perhaps the most complete and talented musicians to ever exist, who possesses the ability to bedazzle with his singing, songwriting, vocals, lyrics, and his ability of being adept on an array of instruments. His soulful genius transcends the set boundaries defined by musicians in the status quo – Dayan Kai has arrived, and he is here to stay.

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Dayan Kai is a Maui born talented singer and songwriter, who is hailed as the most complete artist people have never heard of. His skills in the world of music are more diverse than any musician who is popular in the mainstream. Being well versed in a staggering array of musical traditions and cultures, whilst simultaneously possessing the prowess to play almost every type of instrument gives Dayan Kai the creative freedom he so cleverly exploits in order to make his music stand out. His latest single ‘Losing Our Way’ is a testament to all those things.

Name: Dayan Kai
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