The Panorama Creative Music Summit returned to Bakersfield College on Sept. 16-19, at the Simonsen Performing Arts Center Indoor Theater. The summit, presented by the Jazz Studies and Commercial Music programs, was an annual showcase for visiting artists, local performers, BC faculty, students, and returning alumni. They all performed original music.

The summit played a variety of arranged music from jazz combos by BC students, including a musical ensemble by Omar Murillo, a long-time duo of trumpeter Kris Tiner and guitarist Mike Baggetta. 

BC students Izzy Foster, Kal-El Nolan, Abigail Wilson, and Zachary Taylor played a variety of jazz music. Along with a performance by alumni, composer and trombonist Omar Murillo, lead a13-piece ensemble originals. 

Duo trumpeter Kris Tiner and guitarist Mike Baggetta created music and explore the spaces between jazz, folk and county music, and contemporary composition.

On Sept. 17, Mike Baggetta gave an improvisation workshop at and a guest lecture for BC students and faculty. 

The next day, commercial music students presented student songwriters with new works in a variety of genres and mediums. Shortly after was an original performance by Josh Ottum, a BC commercial music professor on campus. Following Ottum was a performance by two LA-based performers, Emily Sprague, member of the folk trio Florist, and quartet Kidi band, each featuring their different approach to music style.

On Sept. 19 Emily Sprague gave a lecture in a music lab, followed by an improvisation workshop for BC students.