“Despacito” is “Most-Viewed YouTube Video” with incredible 6.3 billion views, gets “Goodwill Citizens” Award by “GIRL FROM RUE SERPENTE” Novelist John Griswald.

“Girl From Rue Serpente” presents its first “Goodwill Citizen” award to “Despacito,” YouTube’s Most-Viewed Video ever, topping charts in 45 countries with over 6.3 billion views world-wide.”

— Stan Zipperman

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 26, 2019 — “Despacito” could become the first “international anthem” for the new One-World Party or the Goodwill Citizens Party if those names are chosen by the world’s coming new super society and new political campaigns now in the making. With 6.3 billion people of the 7.7 world population, it is possible to see how over 80% of the earth’s people theoretically have viewed the world-famous hit single “Descacito” favorably — or very favorably at one time or another. Add to this, YouTube is the second largest internet website in the world; only Google is ahead of YouTube in No.1 position. Nothing else comes close to this phenomenal situation on the planet that is playing out right now as you read this. Is it the time for a truly bone fide “music miracle” to actually be able to change the world? This is BIG, BIG NEWS! INDEED!

“Despacito,” which means “Slowly” in English, is a Latin pop song performed by Luis Fonsi and his rapper friend Daddy Yankee of Puerto Rico from their “Vida” album. The composers are being named the first “Goodwill Citizens” recipient award winners presented to Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee by “Girl From Rue Serpente” novelist John Griswald for its “joyous, uplifting music and amazing success stories throughout the world,” which includes topping the charts in 45 different countries and for being named the “Most-Viewed YouTube Video” ever with over 6.3 billion views in the latest report by YouTube!

2017 was the year it all started to happen for “Despacito.” And the momentum is building stronger than ever!

The astonishing music of “Despacito” which was produced in a studio in Miami, Florida, filmed on the shantytown streets of La Perla neighborhood of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico and released in the United States in August 2017, eventually became YouTube videos “Most-viewed YouTube Video” ever with up to the current over 6.3 billion views today. There are other worthy videos behind it, including some remixes by Justin Bieber himself sung in English and a concert with Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee as his guests, but right now and for the foreseeable future, the day belongs to Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee. And we wish to add the Miss Universe of 2006 Zuleyka Rivera, who definitely co-starred to the best of her abilities with her hair creating an aura like Beyonce does with her hair.

While “Despacito’s” story is crowded with many firsts in the music and video business, one of the most astonishing facts is that while the video has reached the No 1 status as YouTube’s the Most-viewed Video of all time, especially in the United States, it is sung in Spanish only. Experts in the field who explain these kinds of things that happen in life, have’t been able to get a full handle on this eerie phenomenon.

In case you’re wondering why “Girl From Rue Serpente” novelist John Griswald choose to give its first “Goodwill Citizen” award to the folks connected to “Despacito” it is because the exciting video is awesomely uplifting and in many ways “free-spirited” and “spiritual” and “inspiring” — much like the epic war novel “Girl From Rue Serpente” proves to be. “Girl From Rue Serpente” is a tragic love story of star-crossed lovers that takes place in Paris, France during the Allied Liberation of the fabled city from the Nazi Occupation in the Second World War.

As the “Girl From Rue Serpente” book makes its way up the sales charts at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Walmart and Books-A-Million on its way to Best Sellers Lists around the world, the novel is also looking to interest movie producers to bring this compelling story to the motion picture screen as a future blockbuster. Meanwhile, you are invited to buy yourself a copy of “Girl From Rue Serpente” for your entertainment reading pleasure.

World War II love stories have been enchanting movie goers the globe over. Think about the classic “Casablanca”, which does take place, if briefly, in Paris as well as Casablanca. The beauty and mysticism of Paris and the horror of war, often make for the perfect mixture of emotions.

There is also a constant buzz regarding the haunting book cover design artwork by Brazilian artist Ricardo Movits whose painting for “Girl From Rue Serpente” is making news these days. Please go to to read more about him and his painting masterpiece.

Last comments. We need a commitment from the world’s billionaires, millionaires and leading CEO’s of private and public companies to pledge support to this new social movement for a new One-World, a One-World society to save us all — sooner than later. You know who you are, don’t you Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Mark Zuckerberg, Bernard Arnault, Jim Walton, Sergey Brin, Larry Page, Larry Ellison and Michael Blumberg?

The sooner the current world leaders move to participate in the coming new One-World order the better. The quick movers will lead us into a new and future world-order which is calling out to us right now! Now is the time to jump on the bandwagon!

All of this brings us back to the phenomenon of “Despacito’s” YouTube Music Video and what appears to be a never-ending story as all “Goodwill Citizens” also bring credit and pride to the Puerto Rican people as they struggle for more feel good and feel right “music miracles” in their daily lives.

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