Don’t worry, Jordin Sparks fans: New music is coming — eventually – Music News
Don’t worry, Jordin Sparks fans: New music is coming — eventually – Music News

Troy Jensen

Jordin Sparks returns to Broadway for the first in nine years on Monday, starring in the hit musical, Waitress.  But she’s also working on a new album, her first since 2015.  And while Jordin’s fans enjoy all the other projects she’s done over the years — including movies, TV and a web series — she admits they’re constantly asking for more music.

“They’re still looking for the album, for sure,” she laughs, adding, “It’s a lot of good stuff coming. I think I have about eight [songs] right now, so I’m working on getting them out there to them.”

The former American Idol champ also has some fresh inspiration: Her husband, Dana, and their son, DJ.

“Having my son and my husband, there’s different emotional layers that I can reach now,” Jordin explains, adding that she’s not limiting herself to any particular genre.

“Honestly, it’s a little bit of everything,” she says. “I think that was what was always so difficult for my label in the beginning…they were like, ‘Okay, it needs to fit into one of these categories…you need to pick one.’ And that’s never been an easy thing for me to do because I love everything!”

But since she’s chosen not to be on a record label this time, Jordin declares, “I can do whatever I want. If I feel like going a little bit country…I can do that. If it’s R&B, I can do that.”

“I have the slow ballads, I’ve got some that are…reminiscent of [my 2008 hit] ‘One Step at a Time,'” Jordin continues.  She also appreciates the fact that fans are much more open to genre-hopping nowadays.

“It doesn’t make people confused anymore,” she declares. “Music is universal. Everybody should be able to do what they want.”

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