Through the release of their new EP consisting of refreshing and memorable tracks, the band Badboyfriend is ready to cause havoc and take over the world of Retro and Rock by a storm

Sherman Oaks, California – June 25th, 2021 – up-and-coming Pop rock band Badboyfriend is a brand new act in the world of music. With the release of their debut EP titled ‘Copper’ by the end of 2020, the band is looking forward to showcase its exceptional and outstanding musical skills for music lovers around the world to admire.

Consisting of a total of 4 members, Badboyfriend is a Retro, Pop-Rock group with lively and upbeat tunes. They have incredible expertise in Rock and Retro, so much so that they have self-proclaimed themselves as Kings of Retro Pop Rock. Working with other talented writers and producers, the band is powered to experiment with its own musical skills. ‘Copper’ is filled with tracks that are enlivening and rich in melodies. The refreshing tunes and groovy beats are bound to lift the spirits of the listeners, and put them in an overall positive mood. This style of music reflects the band’s message, which is spreading happiness and positivity with their music. The brand new EP was produced by Rudiger, a legendary producer and writer from Universal Music. Badboyfriend worked on it along with the producer by putting their hearts and souls into its making. With the combined efforts of everyone, ‘Copper’ was released later in the year 2020.

The rising band has always been keen of Retro and Pop Rock music. What makes them stand out as a group is the band’s ability to meld certain styles of music together in order to come up with a sound of their own. This skill is what defines their art and makes them so very creative in their line of work. They are pro musicians, always looking forward to make fun and accessible Pop Rock music by experimenting and playing around with a bunch of music styles. This experimentation and open-mindedness to ideas has resulted in them finding their own unique musical direction.

Badboyfriend looks forward to growing and evolving as a band by making more music they’re passionate about and putting on awesome, entertaining live shows. Their mission is to win the hearts of Pop Rock fans around the world and get recognition for their talent, encouraging other similar acts along the way.

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The Pop Rock band Badboyfriend aka BBF was formed in 2020 with a total of 4 members. Hailing from Los Angeles, all the members knew each other loosely through live shows and several recordings. They go by the names of Darryl B (lead vocalist), Martin Etcheverry (guitarist), Harley Duggan (bassist and vocalist), and Bob Duda (drummer). Since the beginning, the band drew its influence from artists such as Killers, The Struts, and Weezer.

With the release of their debut EP ‘Copper’, the band is looking forward to get their music out there and gain exposure as artists. They love what they do for a living, and want the audience to feel that vibe through their music. Their official website is in the works, and their world tour is coming up pretty soon. They wish to take their music around the world and meet devoted fans along the way.



Name: Darryl B
Email: [email protected]
Phone Number: (818) 613-3107
Full Business Address: 13409 Music drive
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
United States