New Hip Hop Album Out Soon 


Chicago, Illinois – June 17, 2020 – Etare Neged is on the verge of releasing the next chapter in his timeless saga, ‘Post-Apocalypse.’ Before it drops, the third single and title track will get the video treatment when it drops on June 23, 2020. 

Imagine this. It’s 30 years from now. The world is in shambles, and Etare Neged is your only hope as he navigates between the dystopian realm on earth and an alternate reality known as OverHorde. The fifth release from Etare Neged continues this tale in this hip hop meets thrilling sci-fi. Fans will get to hear and even see a piece of what’s to come with the animated video for the album’s title track, “Post-Apocalypse.’ This is the final chapter in this whirlwind adventure set to music. 

Etare Neged founded OverHorde Entertainment, Inc. after feeling like there was something missing in hip hop. Where was the music for the general outcasts, gamers, and weirdos out there? Looking to be the leader of the underdogs he started to tell the stories he wanted to hear set to a hip hop backdrop, and it has paid off time and time again as he has continued to create exhilarating stories over the course of his work. 

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