Grade: Senior

Age: 17.

Art focus: Brainerd High School Wind Symphony.

Adviser nomination: “Ammy Lin is an outstanding musician and leader in Wind Symphony. She has won Best in Site for her flute solos at 8AA Solo/Ensemble Contest. She was also selected for membership in the Minnesota Music Educators Association All-State Orchestra on flute.”

Memorable fine arts achievement: “Getting Best in Site during my sophomore and junior years. The contest is every February.”

Artist most admired: Flutists James Galway and Emmanuel Pahud.

Other fine arts activities: Chamber Orchestra. Viola in sixth grade

Why the flute: “I tried the flute during the instrument trying period in fifth grade and started in sixth grade and I have stuck to it ever since. I also started playing the viola in sixth grade and the piano when I was 4.

“I like the sound of the flute. It reminds me of a lot of times a sense of calm. I can be in a different world when I listen to flute music. It is relaxing.”

Tell me about your solo: “‘Concertino’ by French composer Cécile Chaminade. I really like the beginning passage and it stuck in my head when I listened to it. I fell in love with the rest of the piece. There really is no meaning behind it. There are two counts of why the composer composed it and one was to challenge her friend or someone to play it because it is challenging. When I am playing it, for me I think of being outdoors by myself and feel almost like I’m climbing a mountain and reaching the peak.

“It was the most challenging piece I’ve ever played. There are parts that are pretty fast.”

What solo are you working on now: “The solo is called ‘Fantasy’ by Georges Hüe. It is slightly harder, but similar in difficulty. I picked it out this summer and started working on it by the end of the summer. I’m about a third of the way through it. When I listen to it, it reminds me a lot of the … art and the middle passage is really melodic. I also like the contrast of how there are faster and slower sections of the piece.”

How did you feel about being selected for all-state for orchestra: “It was amazing. This past weekend I was able to play in a Minnesota orchestra concert at Orchestra Hall. We got to play side by side with the Minnesota Orchestra. We also took part in a one week summer camp in August and that was super fun.”

How has music impacted your life: “I’m a pretty quiet person. I don’t really express my emotions too often, especially in public places, like school. So music is a way to express yourself in a way I wouldn’t be able too. It also helps me relax. Wind Symphony is a break in my day.”

After high school plans: “I’m going to go to a university. I have not totally decided yet, but I may major in mathematics. I’m looking into University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, and a couple other schools. I would like to do research of some sort.”

Favorite movie: “‘Crazy Rich Asians.’ I’ve only seen it once, but am reading the book now.”

Favorite composer: Russian composer Dmitry Shostakovich.

Favorite book: “The Book Thief” by Marcus Zusak.

Favorite band: Coldplay.

Music you don’t like: Screamo.

Favorite beverage: Water.

Sports/clubs: Key Club, Interact Club, Spanish Club and Eco Club.

Perfect meal: Sushi.

What do you do for fun: Reading, hiking, cooking and spending time with my family. I also volunteer for things in the clubs I am a part of.”

Parents: Yi and Xi Lin of Baxter.