FREE sdi7 HIIT Self Defense and Safety Seminar Washington DC Aug 3rd & 4th

Actions Conquer Tragedy The Reagan Tokes Story

Actions Conquer Tragedy The Reagan Tokes Story

sdi7 HIIT Creator Self Defense and Fitness Expert Rob Fletcher

sdi7 HIIT Creator Self Defense and Fitness Expert Rob Fletcher

FREE sdi7 HIIT Workouts and Self Defense & Safety Seminar in Washingtom D.C August 3 & 4. Self Defense and Fitness expert introduces NEW Workout sdi7 HIIT.

By taking the sdi7 HIIT program put yourself and your loved ones out of the category of being the perfect victim”

— Rob Fletcher

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 31, 2018 — Self Defense and Fitness expert Rob Fletcher introduces a new dynamic program and workout: sdi7 HIIT and Self Defense Workout for Women. Available as 6-week programs, seminars, and presentations. Offered to health clubs, gyms, colleges, universities, high schools, and special event workshops. This active workshop is customized according to needs and objectives. This includes time allowance and the topics of College Campus Safety, Prevention, and Awareness.

sdi7 HIIT is a series of 7-minute interval workouts which includes fighting skills, self-defense, effective street combative techniques, boxing, MMA drills, kickboxing, strength and conditioning, abdominal and core work. By implementing this into your workouts you are reinforcing the skills of self-defense through repetition. Turning the skill into a reaction, and a reflex.

The 90-minute seminar includes:
* Things you should be aware of: Facts and Statistics
* Safety, Prevention, and Situational Awareness. Advice, and tips.
* Psychology: The mindset and the zones: Red, Yellow, Green, and Gray
* What to do if attacked.
* Where and how to strike.
* Fighting skills and drills.
* The Target areas.
* Self-defense against common attacks.
* The Workout: putting together what was learned into a 7-minute interval workout.

Rob Fletcher – Creator of the sdi7 Safety. Prevention. Awareness. Self Defense Program and the sdi7 HIIT Workouts. He is a Black Belt. Self Defense & Fitness expert. A former North American Kickboxing Champion, and member of the World Champion US Kickboxing Team. Inducted into the Black Belt Masters Hall of Fame. Listed in The Who’s Who of Martial Arts. Honored with the Joe Lewis PKA Eternal Warrior Award. Author of America’s Next Great Trainer Transform Your Life.

Actions Conquer Tragedy. The Reagan Tokes Story. 
Rob was enlisted by the Tokes family who lost they’re 21-year-old daughter Reagan. Reagan was abducted, robbed, raped and murdered February 8, 2017. Much of what he does will benefit the Action Conquers Tragedy Movement and the Reagan Delaney Tokes Memorial Foundation. Launching national programs, seminars and sdi7 HIIT Trainer Certifications which will be offered to high schools, colleges, universities, health clubs and fitness studios, businesses and for organized special events. The sdi7 HIIT program is designed to educate and raise awareness. Providing the knowledge and skills of self-defense. How to fight back. Where and how to strike to survive an attack. For more information, you can visit

Lisa McCrary-Tokes – Founder of the Action Conquers Tragedy Movement and the Reagan Delaney Memorial Foundation. Lisa along with her husband Toby is a driving force responsible for bringing to fruition the legislative change known as the Reagan Tokes ACT. Designed to prevent the horrific tragedy which they have experienced, the abduction, rape, and murder of their 21-year-old daughter Reagan. The Reagan Tokes Act has bipartisan support from Senator Kevin Bacon, House of Representatives Kristin Boggs, Senator Sean O’Brien and House of Representatives Jim Hughes. The Reagan Tokes ACT is the difference between protecting and saving innocent lives as opposed to losing them. Lisa is a Certified trainer herself, 200-hour ERYT, and YogaFit Instructor. Both have common motivation, purpose, and intention. Lisa will be working with Rob to become a sdi7 HIIT certified trainer.
Schedule or host an event at your college or university. sdi7 College Campus Safety. Prevention. Awareness. Self Defense Program and experience the awesome sdi7 HIIT Workouts.
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