From the mouth of a master – The Review
From the mouth of a master – The Review

A local artist created the cover art for ThiccLips’s latest album. Check it out.

Column Editor

Who has the thiccest lips of them all? Why, none other than our own Caleb Owens, development officer and whistler extraordinaire. Plebeians, such as ourselves, may experience the whistling wonder of Caleb Owens on the Youtube channel “Thicc Lips.” The channel boasts an impressive ten subscribers, proving this artist’s music truly has an intense cult following!

ThiccLips features a wide variety of whistling cover songs. His repertoire extends from Christmas classics to Green Day songs. However, the real highlight of each video is the evolution of Caleb’s ferocious, fabulous ‘fro. From rumpled to more rumpled, the ‘fro flows and grows throughout the various videos, a glorious experience to behold.

The setting of each video is a dimly lit dorm room with a single, burning light overhead, pouring upon the host’s voluminous curls. Within this cramped dorm room is a closet and door, perpetually open in every video. Upon said closet, there must always sit a mysterious red container to complete this posh, intriguing background.

We are treated to an up-close, personal shot of the master, ThiccLips, the god and legend of the whistling genre. His six videos explore different facets of this mysterious creature; as an avid fan, I have of course consumed them all. I have dedicated a piece of my soul to each review of this beloved artist’s works for you to enjoy.

“Boulevard of Broken Dreams”: The debut performance of this whistling connoisseur is up to par with his later works, as he expresses extraordinary emotion and passion through the “toots” of his whistling, as well as his spirited opening monologue. We are greeted by the master, up-close and personal, as he pours out his heart with awe-inspiring words to his loving fans.

“I hope I touch all your hearts with my music,” Owens says. “I made this for a reason, and that reason is you.”

“American Idiot”: The sheer passion of this performer cannot be contained as he flails his body forward and backward. The extraordinary force of his whistling cannot hold this master back as Caleb is propelled by the fury of the song and his talent. His ‘fro sways along with the music, heightening the video to levels of greatness beyond belief.

“Consistency in life is important,” So saith the thicc sage.

“Jesus of Suburbia”: Not only do we learn of Biblical influences upon the artist’s work, but also the sheer intensity with which Owens may manipulate his instrument, those thicc lips. Viewers must be prepared for the pure enthusiasm and excitement with which Owens performs this high-energy piece, as his eyes ferociously widen like a tarsier (definitely look it up if you have time) as the music takes control of Owens in this masterful display of whistling.

“Wake Me Up When September Ends”: The most hauntingly beautiful song of Owens’s collection, this relatively slow piece highlights a completely different side to the artist, as he takes viewers on a journey with “Green Day.” Owens scrunches his forehead into a wrinkly mass, much like a raisin, and squints furiously into the camera, straight into our souls. We also get a glimpse of Owens’s perspective towards September as he enlightens us on his deep connection to the month and this song.

“This song is special to my heart, as my brother’s birthday is in September,” Owens says. “Every time this song would come on the radio, he would shriek in terror that he would slip into a coma of sorts and miss his birthday.”

“Sleigh Ride”/ “Merry Christmas”: The two exceptions to Owens’s dedication to whistling to “Green Day” songs, these fast-paced Christmas songs present a thorough challenge to our hero. Of course, they are no match for Owens who expertly whistles his way around each note like a hummingbird on crack. There is no stopping this tour-de-force on his path to greatness, especially during the holidays.

Through these six videos on YouTube, we unworthy souls may behold the brilliant gifts of ThiccLips as he toots to a different tune in expert fashion. As seen by the videos, it is hard to deny Owens’s talents and unbridled dedication to “Green Day.” We hope to see more of this semi-retired whistler’s masterpieces in the future, as he continues to toot his way into our hearts.