The German bassist and now vocalist outshines and spreads message of hope with his debut album

Cologne, Germany – March 15, 2021 – Finely-calibrated hooks, progressive symphonies, and passionate verses, these intriguing elements create the complex sound of Günter Asbeck’s debut album ‘Evolve’

The upcoming Pop and Rock genius Günter Asbeck has written and produced music for this album, along with the contributions of American musicians such as artist Selina Albright, a vocalist and daughter of Gerald Albright, Will Donato, a Saxophone master, and 5-time Grammy Award winning audio engineer legend Chris Lord Alge, who produced albums and tracks for Nickelback, James Brown, Rick Springfield, along with many others.

Günter Asbeck penned down Evolve over the period of five years, as his contribution to spreading a positive message of love and hope to the world in darker times.

“The writing and production of the album was not done in a rush, from start to finish it took me about 5 years to build this labor of love. I have tried to have an open mind on the music styles on the album, and to go with the flow and not taking too many restrictions too seriously,” says Günter Asbeck.

Günter Asbeck reveals that he did not want to ride the bandwagon and create similar compositions of the entire album to match with the first single. By mixing beats, keeping his arrangements fresh and flowing, he discovered a new sound that opened more doors for his range in the future, and sparked his creativity consistently.

Günter Asbeck wishes to preserve the true spirit of an artist within himself, breaking away from the chains of expectations that the industry holds against young artists of his kind. He continues to write and put his all into each project, without feeling the need to press limitations on his talent and hopes to continue walking down the same road. At the end, his goal is to make the world a better place for the ones listening, even if that is one track at a time.

‘Evolve’ is now available on CD from Amazon, and all free streaming platforms internationally.

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Günter Asbeck is a bassist, singer-songwriter, and producer from Germany. He started making music at the age of 8, after being inspired by the Beatles, revealing that he got into the music industry because of the artistic genius of Paul McCartney and John Lennon. Once he wrote his own music at the age of 14, it became clear that this is what he was meant to do. Now, he has played the bass for a lot of mainstream musicians including James Blunt, Jennifer Rush, Paul Brown, and many more, and continues to follow his true passion for over 20 years, which he revealed through his debut album.

He describes his sound as a poignant mix of positive Pop, dynamic Rock, with a double bass and fluidity to his sound that naturally gives a refreshing touch to his discography. His introspective and hard-hitting verses give a feel-good atmosphere to cheer you up in your darkest days.




Name: Günter Asbeck
Auf dem Loor 18
Cologne, NRW 51143
Email: [email protected]