When it comes to the music industry, BTS is on another level.

Whether it’s their epic collaborations or sold-out world tours, fans can’t get enough of what many experts call the biggest music group on the planet.

But when appearing in PAPER Magazine’s 2019 Break the Internet issue, the group looked back on some of the greatest challenges they faced and how they came out stronger than ever.

“Seven grown men always staying close together and experiencing work and life at the same time means that we come face to face with numerous contradictions and differences,” RM shared with the publication. “But I think we overcame that by working on understanding and caring for each other over time.”

South Korean boy band BTS as featured on the cover of Paper Magazine’s 2019 “Break the Internet” issue. The wildly popular band collaborated with American illustrator Lisa Frank for the issue.

Photo credit: PAPER Magazine / Hong Jang Hyun / Lisa Frank Inc.

J-Hope added, “There was a time when we fought each other quite a bit because we all came from different backgrounds and our personalities were so different. But we were able to overcome that after frequently talking to each other and living together for a long time. We now know what each of us are thinking just by looking at each other.”

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If there were any disagreements, BTS knew that they couldn’t disappoint their loyal fans who continue to support them in both their group and individual projects.

When asked to discuss why their music resonates with so many people, the guys of BTS had a theory.

“It’s an honor that people around the world love our music and messages. It seems like there’s no language barrier,” BTS shared. “We think that ARMY helped us spread our music across the world. All of this would have not been possible without ARMY.”

The group admitted to PAPER that they are currently practicing and working on new songs. At the same time, they are loving music from a few other famous artists.

And fans better prepare themselves. The group is just getting started and have a lot of dreams for 2020 and beyond.

“I want to try something in the genre of rock. I think it will come out great because our members are pretty charismatic,” Jin teased to the publication. Suga added, “There are so many I don’t know which one to say. There’s plenty of things to show you, so please look forward to it.”

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