Courtesy of the Hub and Soul Concert Series

A new series of outdoor concerts that was scheduled to begin Thursday has not been postponed a week due to weather.

The concerts for the Hub and Soul series will be held at the Union Plaza downtown at 20th and Q Streets.

Organizer Spencer Munson said “Union Plaza is a really interesting area because it is an intersection for a lot of the bike trails. We’re really trying to find music that has meaning, and show off the beauty of the park.” Munson is working with the city parks department and the parks foundation to schedule half a dozen Thursday night concerts.

Munson said it will be an evening event started at 5pm and going til 8pm. Music will not be the only thing though Munson said. “We are going to be developing farm to table meals with the Hub Cafe along with pairings with local breweries.”

The entertainment will feature some of Lincoln’s best known groups and the music will be free.

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