Panama, Panama, PanamaFrom Panama city, meet the new pop songwriter and producer Gavrielle. She goes beyond pop music to bring to her listeners a whole new experience of deep and truthful stories in order to heavily emphasize the naked truth of a moment and mood by exploring depths of pop, acoustic and R&B music. 

The single “Birthday Bash” is the first one written and produced by Gavrielle, with a sad nostalgia that automatically transports one into their darkest birthday, this song conveys the personal experience of the artist as well as a sad reality for many people throughout the world who do not have the joy of celebrating that special day in a memorable way. This is a song for sad pop songs fans as well as people who love to relate to life experiences through music. Birthday Bash can already be found in all major streaming platforms like Spotify, apple music, Itunes, Youtube and many more.

Gavrielle’s main motto for life is “Love is the answer, kindness is the way”.

She calls her songs “The Soundtrack Of Ones Life”.

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Birthday Bash from the songwriter Gavrielle is a song that will transport one to their darkest birthday; with mainly pop and acoustic sounds it is a song for those who enjoy a sad bop.

If anyone want to hear more of Gavrielle’s music they can check out her Spotify page and join her on her social media to be part of the soundtrack of your life experience.



Gavrielle is a singer/songwriter from Panama.  She has been singing since 2009 and has had the opportunity to sing in various cover bands. Her main music genres are pop, R&B and latin pop at the moment; if there is something that characterizes her is her continued drive to explore new genres and new stories that people will relate to.


Name: Gabriela Gómez
Address: Panama, El Cangrejo, Edificio Deveaux, Panama, Panama, Panama
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +50763140919
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