Introducing Cultural Dynamism in Gospel Music: Multitalented Christian Gospel Singer and Songwriter Solomon Ennin (Rhema Blessed) Makes a Definitive Statement with Latest Single

From authoring books to writing songs, to serving in the US military – Solomon Ennin has truly done it all, with the incorporation of unique, personal, spiritual experiences in his music.

Willingboro, New Jersey – August 25th, 2021- Solomon Ennin, who is popularly, and dearly, known as ‘Rhema Blessed’, is a US Army veteran, an avid mental health activist, a prolific, talented songwriter, a melodious singer, and a rising author. So far, Rhema Blessed has written more than 15 songs – 2 albums, 4 singles, and authored 3 books, which include ‘The Realm of Dreams’, ‘3 Invincible Battles to Win’, and ‘Building Your Spiritual Wall’. The books themselves are informative and enlightening and especially talk about the various components of a healthy physical and spiritual life. His artistic tendencies aside, Solomon Ennin is an ordained Reverend Minister of the Gospel of the Christ, and he is currently the founder and Head Pastor of the Oliveyard Church.

What makes his music stand out from other artists in the industry is his sheer devotion to the belief that music is cathartic and possesses the power to heal. His songs are manufactured to heal, and there have been numerous testimonies of people receiving their healing through his songs. He strongly beliefs that his songwriting abilities are a gift from God, and that makes him feel responsible for the use of his prowess.

With exquisite and exciting original singles like ‘Rachel’, Solomon Ennin sure knows how to capture an audience and keep them hooked to his music. As someone who is a strong proponent of mental health awareness, he is well vexed in the simplicity and complexity of mental health issues, and their impact on individual lives, and society at large. Being conscientious of this allows him to make music for the sake of healing, and in it, he enjoys a cathartic release of his emotions, ideas, creativity, and passions.

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Solomon Ennin, popularly known as Rhema Blessed, is a US Army veteran, mental health activist, a prolific and successful songwriter, and author of 3 books featured on Amazon. Rhema Blessed feels like his moral obligation is to make good use of his musical abilities, which he believes he got from God Himself, as some sort of divine favor. This is exactly why Rhema Blessed strives to create music that has the potential to heal, and based on countless testimonials, he is doing a fantastic job at it.

Name: Solomon Ennin (Rhema Blessed)
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Oliveyard Church – 205 New World Way
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