Dublin, Leinster – Net, an up and coming Irish rock band, has been in the making for at least half a decade, and is now ready to take the world by storm. With more than 50 songs ready to go, Net is looking for just the right time to make the big move and go far and wide on a world tour.

Going by the name of Net, this band does not limit itself to any one particular sub-genre of rock. Rather, the band member Eja considers it quite a genre-neutral group. This is reflected in the band’s success in not only hard rock, but also progressive rock, indie, jazz, and even experimental. Not tying itself firmly to just one genre highlights the band’s versatility. It also showcases the diversity of the band’s skillset, meaning that the avenue of success and business for the band are both broad and deep.
Net consists of three members as of now. These include the guitarist and vocalist Jed, the guitarist Fergal, and vocalist as well as the man behind bass and keyboards Eja (Asia). While Eja and Jed lead the vocals, Fergal and Jed lead guitars. This trio of musicians and rock fanatics allegedly have great chemistry between them and even though they are fully functional, they are looking for a drummer to join their group. In spite of the fact that the group does not have a dedicated drummer as of now, Net is gearing up to release their first EP consisting of four original tracks.

The band Net exclusively plays original music and all members of the band work closely to come up with original ideas for songs, contributing significantly to the songwriting process as a collective rather than reserving it for a single member of the band. All band members are heavily influenced by some of the best remembered musicians. Be it the timeless melodies of Led Zepplin, or the meaningful lyrics of Rolling Stone, the energy of Pink Floyd or the smoky voice of Amy Winehouse, Net’s musical identity closely resonates with that of greatest musicians of their time. Even though the band members are all in their 30s and 40s, they are also inspired by the music of some of the most loved contemporary singers and songwriters such as Shakira, Beyonce, and Adele.

One aspect of these timeless musicians that Net has adopted is the practice of giving away CDs for free. Since the band already has a large enthusiastic fan base, it shows the musicians’ dedication towards their fan and their eagerness to please them. The crowds that the band has performed to has ranged from 10 to 2,000 people at once, which once again goes to show the versatility of the band and its intimate relationship with their fans.


Net-Rock Band is an Irish band with three band members: Jed, Eja, and Fergal.


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