Source: Paras Griffin / Getty

Singer Jazmine Sullivan is finally returning to the music scene after being on hiatus for five years. The “Bust Your Windows” crooner took to social media to explain her absence to her fans, and teased the possibility of new music.

“So, I’ve been quiet for a min. And by a minute I mean 5 years. But I just recently experienced something that has rocked my world and turned it upside down. Life is funny like that,” she wrote on her Insta-stories.

“I’m almost sure it’s leading me on a path that will inspire an album. But for now an EP is on the way. Probably spring release. Love you all”

This isn’t the first time Jasmine has been transparent about what led to her break from music. In 2015, she told The Breakfast Club that she initially left music after being in a very abusive relationship with her boyfriend.

“I left music because I was in a really bad relationship. It had gotten abusive,” she said at the time.

“Just having to deal with the industry and that my personal life was so bad, I had to go.”

At one point, the abuse was so bad that Sullivan lost her hearing in one year.

“I was like, ‘I might not be able to sing.’ And that kinda woke me up.”

Despite the trauma, Sullivan said that she holds no ill will for her ex.

“He’s a young man and I think that we both were each other’s firsts in experiencing different things. I wish him the best, I just don’t think that we were right for each other.”

Sullivan’s last album was in 2015. The project, “Reality Show,” featured the hit, “Let It Burn.” Before then, Sullivan had another album back in 2010 called “10 Seconds.”