KINGSTON, Jamaica – As a youth, Bamm Holt keenly listened to the classic songs of his grandfather, legendary reggae singer John Holt. But though “Gramps” is one of his biggest influences, Bamm wanted to make his musical mark to a different beat.

On October 25, reggae fans will get to hear Bamm officially for the first time on Money Problems. His debut song is produced by Gold and Goals Production, a Jamaican company.

“Mi call my kinda music reggae-fusion. I was born in Jamaica but come to the US as a kid, so I got a taste of both cultures,” said the 27-year-old artist. “Mi love hip hop but mi can’t stray from reggae ‘cause that’s my heritage.”

Money Problems, a blend of reggae and hip hop, is one of six songs from ‘Bolt’, Bamm’s EP, which is scheduled for release in November. It also contains ‘One Thing’, a hard-driving song that has a similar flavor.

One Thing, which is expected to be released soon, is produced by Alan Ulisses from Spain.

Born in Spanish Town, Jamaica

Born Scwayne Holt, Bamm Holt grew up in Spanish Town, a sprawling community on the outskirts of Kingston, Jamaica’s capital. From his early years, he appreciated the music of his paternal grandfather, whose lengthy hit list includes lovers rock standards like Stick by Me, A Love I Can Feel, OK Fred and If I Were A Carpenter. His father, Junior Holt, is also a singer.

According to Bamm Holt, he idolized his grandfather who died in 2014.

“Me is him first grandson, so wi had a strong relationship. Gramps was mi Dawg!”, he exclaimed.

While John Holt is a major influence, Bamm also tuned into Bob Marley, a close friend of his grandfather, Peter Tosh and Sizzla. He also admires the work of heavyweight rappers Jay Z, 50 Cents and Nas.

Refusing to tag himself as a singer or rapper, Bamm Holt began recording 10 years ago. He said patience was key in his development, as he refused to release any songs until the time was right.

“One month I was doing hip hop and the next month it was reggae, and someone said to me, ‘Yo, that makes no sense’. About three years ago, mi finally find a flow,” he said.

Managed by Tampa, Florida-based Rude Bwoy Spirits, Bamm Holt plans to release several songs in the next six months.