Kasabian’s upcoming seventh album will be “annihilation music”.


The band’s guitarist and songwriter Serge Pizzorno has said he’s begun writing the material for the follow-up to 2017’s ‘For Crying Out Loud’, and thinks the record will blow people away, as the “few bits” that he’s written so far are explosive.

Explaining how his solo album – which will be released on Friday (30.08.19) under the name The S.L.P – has impacted work on the Kasabian record, he said: “I’ve started already, and from the few bits that are there already, I know that they would not have existed without this album. The wheels are turning. It’s annihilation music.”

Serge – who is joined in Kasabian by frontman Tom Meighan, Chris Edwards, and Ian Matthews – says working on his solo record has allowed him to “reset”, which has influenced the “next chapter” in Kasabian’s work.

He added: “The next chapter for [Kasabian] feels really exciting for the band because it feels like I’ve seen Earth from outer space. I’ve looked back in. I’ve got a whole new perspective on what we can do next. And we’ll see what we can get away with.”

And the ‘You’re In Love With A Psycho’ hitmaker says the group intend to keep making music and will “turn it up a few notches”, thanks to some advice from former Oasis star Noel Gallagher.

Speaking to NME about the future of Kasabian, he said: “More of the same, really. Just turn it up a few notches. We were talking to Noel [Gallagher] the other day and he said – it might have been a Francis Bacon quote – ‘Go for the nervous system.’ “