Rising Talent Krys K Astounds in Latest Release

Krys K is an up and coming singer and songwriter who has recently caught the ears of multi platinum artist and songwriter Ne-Yo! One can easily brag about how he has showcased her music on his channels, how she has performed at countless private events, corporate parties, Alpha Kappa Alpha Debutante Balls, the NAACP Eastern Chapter Banque or Pixar Studio’s XV Annual Pacific Voice Conference, but to fully understand her as an artist, her struggle and story is what makes her such a big source of inspiration and success.

Surviving her entire life with a brain tumor, she never let her disease dictate her life, and while most people would have been reluctant to follow their dreams, Krys K used her physical struggles to push herself to achieve her dreams even more. From writing and releasing her own music to creating books of poetry, and even writing and producing her own stage plays, Krys K has been a force that refuses to let life get the best of her. As a devoted mother of two children, she ensures that she is making time for her own ambitions while focusing on being a mother to her two young ones.

A testament to her ingenuity, hard work, and mastery in hip hop lyricism and rhythmic hooks is the fact that multi-platinum artist and songwriter Ne-Yo recently took notice of her music on social media. Having worldwide success and being a widely recognized pop artist who has sold millions of albums himself, the fact that Ne-Yo chose to give her the spotlight on his social media is a huge deal for Krys K, who is garnering fame for her latest release titled ‘Let’s Go’. With the release of this single, Krys is actively trying to make it clear that she is not afraid to be controversial and talk about life from the perspective of a wife. From the topics of sex, cheating, and more, Krys K has decided that life is too short to try to please everyone, and she plans on being herself in every way. Download her single “Let’s Go” Hosted by International R&B Superstar Ne-Yo, below.

Go to https://sheiskrysk.com/ To find out more about the artist and her discography, and feel free to reach out to the artist via the email address provided to schedule interviews and collaborations.

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Krys K is an up and coming singer and songwriter who has recently been turning a lot of heads in the music industry, all while gaining a lot of momentum and popularity. She has sung with “Godfather of Ne-Yo Soul” and Jazz legend Roy Ayers at San Fransisco Jazz Festival, performed at Pixar Studio’s XV Annual Pacific Voice Conference, has won at Los Angeles Motion Pictor Festival, has also performed at countless private events and corporate parties, all while also being the youngest lead solo singer in Oakland Gospel Church music theatre group.


Krys K
Name: Krys K
Email: [email protected]


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Kristina.K.Batiste
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sheiskrysk/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/sheisKrysK
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCckD7U9uGSKCajkfqpcKfmQ
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1ub5MRZDmDCU5ZSnDZqjPi


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