In switching gears, the Bronx artist arrogated his replay value into hundreds of staggering listens

Bronx, NY — February 25th, 2022- ‘Aint Gone Shine’ is a new dimension to the U M Services universe. In this dimension of a whopping viral single, the dauntless artist is finally narrating his true jet-setting character and travelling back to resurrect and herald the fire he got into music with.

The short, catchy and repetitive verses soundtracked cement the track into the hit the artist has always been destined to release. In ‘Aint Gone Shine’ the artist’s infectious rhyme schemes index the song into mainstream plausibility instantly – paving the way for his much deserving recognition.

Set in its deliberate ways, the honesty and precise design of the record in a way mirrors Glenn Hall’s experience of forty years.  Obstacles after obstacles, the pivotal climb to going platinum didn’t shine when the first step was taken. In fact, it was a chase where the artist had to carry himself and become all-encompassing of hard work at once.

Accordingly, ‘Aint gone shine’ is referential to the coming of a dream Tune core once allowed the artist to acknowledge, devote and trust to accomplish. The artist is still an open-minded sphere, welcome to much more inspiration for his upcoming projects, but has now gained the confidence in his sense of self to finally up the ante and go viral in the industry.

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Experience is the concrete to buildings emerging artists become eager to building with each song, album and a continually evolving catalogue. For Glenn Hall Aka ‘120 The God’ there is forty years of concrete, cementing the confidant needed in a body to sustain a musical career.

This long-standing career began in Bronx/Brooklyn, New York with just a dream but only took off at the age of just 13 when the artist signed with Amir from “Kool and the gang” under the label Flash records.

Here, the artist was exposed to A.S.C.A.P and only became used to its application after Tune Core’s induction. Later, through his travel, he wrote and performed a hit song Bronx War Story with Wu-Tang Clan that went gold. He Learned about marketing, making records and the business of music – an integral piece to the artist’s now relishing success.

Now with his very own label: U M Services/Entertainment. He was able to release his first project:

Single: “Aint Gone Shine” now streaming over 500,000 with new artist signed to ‘U M Services/Entertainment’ (Preme The Great) Featuring (DStackz Platinum Producer of A Boogie With The Hoodie) Glenn Hall aka ‘120 The God’ is destine for success. Tune core showed him the light and the end of questions he needed at the time.

Now Glenn Hall aka ‘120 The God’ Holds the keys to success, able to write, produce, market, and distribute his own music and projects. Thanks to TuneCore and his dedication, he now has Creative Control over his career as a label and an artist.

Aint Gone Shine’ may be U M Services first release, but it will certainly not be the last. The stakes will stack up higher with each release because U M Services is more than just a label – it’s a long-lasting promise to staying.

New Single Feb 28th 2022 Keys to success

Written & Produced By “120 The God” 

U M Services
Name: U M Services
Address: 10 Richman Plaza, Bronx, NY
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 7186187206




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