Skweeze Get’m Drops solo WOOFER-BANGIN’ Track On his birthday!

Cresson, PA — Friday, September 17th, 2021 — Since the separation of long time partner ‘Cam’ he has been busting his butt to create top-notch tunes. The sound has never been so textured and animated. The track is available on all platforms, through WORLDSTAR’s Distribution it is sure to heat up the fans.

September 17th, ‘Last Joke’ goes live on all platforms. It is one of many tracks that Get’m will be dropping over the next 3 years. That’s right, Skweeze saved up 3 Years worth of tunes. This track is a different style than anything from Get’m ever heard. The song will be available on Spotify, iTunes,  Deezer, ALL major and most secondary style audio platforms.

” ‘Last Joke’ was recorded before Cam and I split up. Though it is still hard for me to bear the loss of such a close and dynamically cohesive musician, I have about 77 Tracks ready and I hope the Get’m Family out there will rock with me still…” Skweeze stated.

“Skweeze is a machine. Dude NEVER takes a break. That’s why I ride or die for him. I love him” A long time fan vouched.

Covid made a musicians life so hectic, and continues to this day, to set almost unattainable goals for those in the industry. “That’s why online streams are so important, They help me provide for my 2 sons and Fiance…” Skweeze commented.

This track says a lot about the mindset of a person striving and winning, and doing all that he can to carry complacency. It drives a question deep into the mind of a listener. The audio is textured, ambient, and velvet smooth. The Bass is punchy, but yet smooth, the quality of an independent artist rarely reaches this level of mastery.

‘Last Joke’ is Get’m Productions First Solo Track, Skweeze Get’m lays it all on the line on his birthday. “…77 tracks…” Skweeze stated. The Get’m Fan-Base, also known as ‘The Get’m Family’ are sure to be ecstatic to hear that so much content will be coming out. The best creations in hip hop, rap, rock, all genres are subject to mass approval or mass extinction, With so much lined up, and this being release 1… Skweeze is definitely out to GET’M.

Birthday Single Dropped By Skweeze Get’m entitled ‘Last Joke’ is sure to show listeners where they need to look. Get’m has a website located at





Get’m Productions has gone through many changes, but to transition to a solo act has taken a lot of time for Skweeze. He plans to be dropping music over the next 3 years to keep his brand alive and well. With plans to one day start a scholarship fund for underprivileged youth’s so that they can be afforded the chance to be prosperous and attain their dreams without the headache of fiscal stress.



Get’m Productions
523 Front St. Cresson, PA 16630


Source: ArtistPR