How many times have you gone to see a show and there isn’t a connection between the crowd and the band? As time progresses, some bands lose the ability to match the energy the crowd will bring. A ready-to-go audience can be let down by an uninspiring performance, causing them to lose the energy they once had.

This was definitely NOT the case Tuesday night when All That Remains took the stage at White Oak Music Hall.  With a powerful start, the Massachusetts metalcore band began the night performing some of their most popular songs from past albums such as “This Calling” “Chiron” and “Hold On”.

After nearly two decades as frontman, singer Phil Labonte’s deep vocal growl and high pitched screams are still as clear and crisp as ever. He effortlessly completed the long, opening scream that starts “This Calling” and impressed the crowd with the even longer ending scream to one of their newest tunes “Fuck Love.”

Vocalist Phil Labonte and bassist Aaron Patrick perform

Photo by Jennifer Lake

“Y’all like heavy?” asked Labonte, gaining a cheerful reply from the crowd. “Y’all want ‘heavy’?!”  he asked again as the front members of crowd between the barricade and himself franticly start shoving, “I need y’alls middle fingers in the air.” he exclaimed, “This one’s called ‘Fuck Love’.” 

The mentioned song and next subsequent few would be from their newest release Victim Of The New Disease. As a departure from past releases, the newest album focuses on the bands metalcore roots and features a more “hardcore” sound. 

As the fast drums and growling vocals empowered the crowd, the howling guitar solos captivated them. The newly added guitarist Jason Richardson seamlessly floated through the “airy” solos that the recently deceased Oli Herbert once commanded.

Vocalist Phil Labonte smiles for the crowd

Vocalist Phil Labonte smiles for the crowd

Photo by Jennifer Lake

With the night coming to an end, All That Remains finished with a collection of their hits including “Six” and “The Air That I Breathe” off of their charting album Fall Of Ideals. The 2006 release generated the band a strong following after “Six” and “This Calling” were featured in media such as the Saw III soundtrack and Guitar Hero II.

“Thank you Houston.” concluded Phil, “We love each and every one of you. We can’t wait to see you again.”