Lefra’s popular Country Legends and Country Legends and Friends concerts have entertained music fans over the years and were presented annually at Carnival City under the direction of the “Big Daddy” of South African country music, Lance James.

But early in March, Lance’s voice went silent forever.

Lefra’s Cellar Concerts now pay tribute to Lance and the other big names of country music with the broadcast of Country Legends on Sunday at 5pm. Country Legends and Friends will follow on Sunday, 12 July at 5pm.

All bookings can be done at itickets.co.za or lefra.com at only R70 per ticket, per household. The two online concerts can also be booked as part of Lefra’s Cellar Concert package at a nice discount.

Lefra’s first Country Legends concert was staged in Carnival City’s Big Top Arena on 5 August 2006, and tickets were sold out within weeks of going on sale. The royalty of SA country music came together in one of the biggest country music shows ever.

“The King and Queen of Country”, Bobby Angel and Barbara Ray, shared the stage with James and stars Sally Vaughn, Clive Bruce, Tommy Dell, Jody Wayne, Lee Magnum and Billy Forest in a spectacle that confirmed these artists as legends. The Rodeo Girls provided the dance steps.

Country Legends and The Rodeo Girls.

“We would like to pay tribute to the legendary Lance James,” says Frans Swart, managing director of Lefra Productions.

In a touching tribute to James shortly after his death, Swart wrote in a newspaper: “For years we worked together on the Country Legends productions that we presented at Carnival City with sold-out shows.

“For Lance James, nothing was ever too much to make the show work. He did media interviews, he did promotions and he talked to his fellow artists and made sure that the show was a success.

“When he walked onto the stage, he enchanted with the purest voice and greatest stage personality you could think of.

“Lance James, we say thank you. The entertainment industry is going to be so much poorer without you. We salute the legend, “ Swart wrote.

Barbara Ray and Lance James.

The resounding success of the Country Legends concerts continued annually, and in 2008, it changed to Country Legends and Friends.

The concert in June of that year was also recorded and united the legends and friends, James, JJ Stephens, Jason Bradley, Cheree, Matt Hurter, Barbara Ray, Alan Ladd, Bobby Angel, Tommy Dell and the Rodeo Girls in the biggest country concert yet.

Women’s magazine Vrouekeur described the sold-out show as a “country carnival”.

On 3 August 2013, Lefra Productions presented an Honorary Award to James for his great contribution to the South African music industry.


All bookings can be done at itickets.co.za or lefra.com at only R70 per show, per household.

Lefra’s Cellar Concerts presents:

Country Legends – Sunday at 5pm
Country Legends and Friends – Sunday, 12 July, at 5pm

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