st louis, mo — There is a need for Hip Hop to reach the next level.  The perfect artist to help music reach the next level is Hip Hop Protege’.

Many music listeners are waiting for a big song.  They actually show enthusiasm while every word is being said.  They don’t have to search anywhere else.  Hip Hop Protege’ has arrived.These are facts and fiction is dead…

The goal is to entertain the soul.   The love of music needs attention.  Once you have a listener you have a life to live.

Hip Hop Protege’ is a person that does it for Hip Hop.  It is well known that there can be only one Hip Hop Protege’.

It’s time to hear something new.  It’s time to feel a new vibe.  It’s time for all of the World to experience the quality and perfection of the new era of Hip Hop.

Go to and find Hip Hop Protege’, you will never be disappointed.




This music is versatile and it is deep.  Be ready to hear things that lots of people have not said.


Hip Hop Protege’
Name: Hip Hop Protege’
Address: 2054 nemnich, st louis, mo
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (314)756-5355
Press Kit:




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