A Liverpool musician says he has lost his “soulmate” after his cello of 34 years was stolen from his car.

Gethyn Jones, 60, a member of the city’s Royal Liverpool Philharmonic orchestra , said he was “shattered” by the theft and has made a desperate plea for the instrument’s return.

He told the ECHO: “I was just walking around the corner from where the Philharmonic is and you could tell there was no glass in my driver’s rear window.

“I was just shattered. I almost went to my knees in shock.”

Gethyn said he left the instrument for just half an hour in the car park closest to the city centre concert venue , and compared it to a family treasure.

He said: “To afford to buy it 34 years ago I sold everything I had. I don’t have another instrument. I don’t have a spare, I only have that.”

Gethyn is a member of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra

While mass-produced cellos can be bought for as little as £200, the instruments used by professional musicians are extremely rare, handmade antiques.

They are sold in a specialist market and musicians may try many different instruments before investing in one.

Gethyn’s cello was made by Colin Irving in 1977, number 72, and was last seen in a navy blue Gewa case.

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Gethyn, who has informed police, said: “It’s irreplaceable. I have had this cello for 34 years it is part of me. It is like I have lost my right arm. To find a cello that’s similar will take years of looking.

“I am now 60 and the idea of finding anything to replace my best buddy is near impossible. Whoever has taken it has compromised my livelihood.

“Not only that, it is emotional. When I make music with that cello it is a special thing. I have had it for 34 years.”

Gethyn Jones playing his cello in happier times
(Image: Mark McNulty Photography)

As well as the cello, the thief took a bow which Gethyn says he has had for 39 years, made by Albin Hums.

“It is like family treasure. It is like someone has stolen my great, great grandmother’s jewellery. And the thing is, [for] the person who stole it, it will be worthless to them because the police know about it.”

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Gethyn is now pleading with the thief to return the instrument to the Liverpool Philharmonic.

He said: “Please give it back, drop it off at the Liverpool Philharmonic stage door. There will be no questions asked.”

He added: “The monetary value of it is of no significance to me whatsoever. It’s my living my soulmate it is everything for me.

“Whenever anything goes wrong I have always had my cello.”