Hunky islander Jack Fowler dropped a bombshell when he revealed he will be releasing his own music.

When asked by Mirror Online about any upcoming plans in the pipeline, Jack, 22, revealed he is set to release his own music very soon.

The Love Island star confessed he couldn’t give any spoilers, but that he has been in the studio working on his new tune.

Jack laughed: “I’ve just had a track, I’ve just done a single. I’ve been in the studio.

“There’s no spoilers but I’ve done a track and I’ve done a music video.”

Jack has shot a music video already
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He confessed he’s always been into singing and dancing
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He hopes it will be a hit with the ladies, as he continued: “It’s R&B, kinda slow jam, kinda for the ladies – smooth vibes.”

The date has not been confirmed, but it seems to be a huge step forward for the TV star.

Speaking about his childhood, Jack revealed he has always been into singing and dancing.

The star didn’t give a release date but expects it will be soon
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He spoke about how he’d love to compete on Strictly Come Dancing , and maybe X Factor .

“I’d love to do Strictly, I’d love too. I love dancing and I’ve danced a long time.

“I used to sing as well when I was a younger kid, so I think it’d be a wicked chance to display my talent.”

His life has changed since Love Island
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After his debut on Love Island last year, he is still single and revealed what he looks for in a girl.

He listed: “Natural, someone that likes me for me and has good banter, and family orientated.”