OKAYAMA, Japan — CreoFuga, Inc. (Okayama Prefecture, CEO: Shuichiro Nishio), operator of Audiostock, one of Japan’s largest stock audio services, has released an English language version of the Audiostock website (https://audiostock.net/). Audiostock features about 150,000 music works by around 10,000 Japanese creative teams, with sales intended to contribute to the earnings of these creators.

Audiostock offers around 150,000 musical works in four categories: BGM, sound effects, voice, and songs. So far, we have sold works by about 10,000 creative teams, including composers and voice actors, to about 15,000 customers, such as video production companies.

Japanese-style music is our strength

Audiostock has a wide selection of works featuring Japanese-style Japanese instruments and Japanese-style arrangements. We also capture live performances of instruments such as koto and shakuhachi at our own recording studio, and sell the recordings. We are committed to the production of high-quality music.

Outline of the Audiostock Service English Version

URL: https://audiostock.net/
Number of works: about 150,000
Number of creators: about 10,000 teams

BGM: from $9.99 USD
Sound effects: $4.99 USD
Voice: $4.99 USD
Songs: from $29.99 USD
* Can be purchased individually

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About CreoFuga

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