The label has both new and “DMZ-era” Mala tracks on the way.

Mala has restarted his I&I Music label with a new track in collaboration with Natty and Benjamin Zephaniah.

I&I is best known as the white-label imprint behind two of Mala’s most famous tunes, “Alicia” and “In Luv.” The first release on the newly relaunched label features the two collaborators on a Rastifarian-themed track called “Word & Sound,” which, in Mala’s words, “explores the unsaid power to have an impact and create change through the conscious vibration of music.” The EP features an instrumental and vocal version, and will come out on white-label vinyl and digital formats on October 25th.

Mala also says that more music will come out on I&I next year, including more Mala material as well as some older, archival “DMZ-era bits.”

Listen to “Word & Sound.”

01. Word & Sound
02. Word & Sound (Instrumental)

I&I Music will release Word & Sound on October 25th, 2019.