Atlanta, Georgia United States — Friday, September 20th, 2021 — There is no creative sound that transforms audio pleasures from books to the ears of people around the world. Raymond Sturgis, the genius he is, understood that readers and music lovers intertwine in the sophistication of beautiful creative sound. Listening to audiobooks can become boring and tiresome for many, but juice it up with pleasant music that corroborates the message of the writer and you have millions begging for more.  A Hurting Man album is just one of the musical and literary masterpieces of Author Raymond Sturgis, and with your cooperation, we can help skyrocket the artistry of Raymond Sturgis to homes and countries around the world. Please join us today!

Audiobooks are the new audio pleasure, and although the old fashion way of connecting to the author’s mind through reading is forever here, there is nothing more unique and convenient than hearing and feeling every word personally. Sometimes in this busy age, people rarely have time to read, unless it is a small paragraph or comment section on social media. What Raymond Sturgis has done, is he understood people love music, and people love reading, so he decided to include music in his books as if they are records, and let audiences enjoy the new age of reading and listening to audiobooks. Audiobooks are nothing more than rap/hip hop music, or poetry reading venues in the palm of your hands.    Why not try Raymond Sturgis’s new-age way of enjoying books.

Raymond Sturgis is the best-selling author of many books and has helped many self-publish authors become paid authors. Raymond Sturgis change the literary game because he understood the evolution of technology in audio and the pleasures of people in their daily lives.

Try Raymond Sturgis audio pleasures today, there are many for every feeling, and episode of your life.

Raymond Sturgis books and audio pleasures are sold everywhere, and I am positive you will find one for whatever is the mood you are involved in today, right now!

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