Meet Mery Racauchi – An International Fashion Designer And A Music Sensation Who Is Taking The World By Storm

Mery Racauchi

Making her name on a global level, the international star Mery Racauchi is taking everyone by surprise. After setting her throne in the fashion industry, the young woman now aims to make a name for herself as a top singer. She recently released her music video ‘At 11:11’ which got an overwhelming response from everyone. The song directed by Ezequiel Briff & Blake DVS is a perfect blend of love, lust and emotion. The music video shows Mery head over heels and as she rushes against the clock to keep the love of her life, her desire to be with her man fades away as the clock strikes 11:11. The lyrics that touched every fan’s heart in this electric poppy beat are, “I should have known you were bad news from the day you broke your promises, I can’t stop falling for it.”

Whatever Mery does is a guaranteed success today and the music video is a classic example. Born and brought up in Argentina, she later decided to move to New York to pursue her career in fashion. Her main highlights from the fashion career are, she founded her brand ‘Mery Racauchi’ in 2010 which is a trusted name in the fashion world. At the age of 23, she launched her own store in Argentina. Besides this, she even created a new swimwear line named ‘MERY PLAYA’ with Sofia Resing last year. We are really in surprise how this young woman juggles between two works. Moreover, she is also a model for her own brand does not like to represent any other brands. Speaking about it, she said, “I like to be the creative director and use my vision, and if I model for other brands, I can’t use my own vision.”

Colliding different world of music and fashion is something which only Mery Racauchi could do. She soon plans to come up with more music videos and simultaneously also expand her business of fashion. While giving advice to the young fashionistas, she was quoted saying, “Always follow your dreams, and be confident – you can make it! Just be very careful with how much money you spend and invest. Money is very easy to spend when you have it and it takes way longer to make the money back.” Achieving dreams, minting money and gaining popularity across the globe are just Mery Racauchi things and we are pretty confident that she has a lot more to achieve in her life.

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