New Music Coming Soon From Artist T. Ledger!

Werribee, Victoria – Rockstars are born, not made. Every so often, an artist is just born for the stage, and new artist T. Ledger is definitely one of these rare artists. Hailing from Australia, T. Ledger or Trev Llyn is an upcoming musician and author. This multi-talented artist is nothing like the mainstream artists that have come out of the country so far—mainly dabbling in genres such as Hip Hop and Dance. Like any good artist, T. Ledger is looking to create a legacy and a name for himself in this saturated music industry. As someone who has grown up appreciating music, the artist is looking to create something new. In his own words, he is looking to “obliterate genres” altogether.

The trend of blurring the lines between genres is not new but has allowed artists to truly create beautiful music. T. Ledger is one of many artists who has taken DIY-ing the process and his musical style. Despite his own creativity and musical ability, the artist is open to taking input from those around him. As an artist, T. Ledger has created lots of beautiful music that is available on most major platforms. As a person, he has a quick reply and a witty sense of humor that bleeds into his artist image. Apart from his humor, the artist swears by the quote, “Fight for our right to partly abide by the rules.”
Despite being an upcoming artist, T. Ledger has a lot of music already available for listeners. The music is available on most major streaming platforms. For information on the artist, take a look at his social media and official YouTube channel!





T. Ledger or Trev Llyn is an Australian artist. The artist mainly deals with genres such as Hip Hop and Dance. He is set apart from the other artists in the industry with his unique approach to music.



T. Ledger
[email protected]
131-135 Synnot Street
Werribee, Victoria 3030