Melike Amjarv is a rising sensation who curates spellbinding magic and inspiring lyricism through her musical compositions, fully encapsulating Dance and Electronic fusion music which reflects both on soul and spirit

Los Angeles, CA –  January 20th, 2021 – Melike Amjarv produces and curates music which can get anyone fall in love with dancing. She strongly believes that music is for dancing and grooving and moving to the rhythm. Her singles and videos on songs titled “Red Heaven”, “I must be dreaming” and the dance pop song titled “Time Takes It All” are rich and vivid fusion music. “Confusion” reflects the times we are in right now under the lock-down due to the virus, whereas “Fly with the Wind” has Latin flavored and interspersed with a jazzy percussion which can get anyone moving and dancing in a minute.

Melike Amjarv’s rich and dance pop songs have released on and as they continue to have finished mastering, she has subsequently placed them all into digital networks. Some of her blazing and rich musical compositions are still in processing phase, and she hopes that by January 10, 2021, all of them will be available on digital markets.
Every song Melike produces and writes is unique, which makes her a unique addition to the rich and varied genres. Her strong belief is that every single person in this world is unique, they just have not found their calling yet, or are still on the path to discover their true self. She believes that creativity is like first love, which takes time but eventually morphs into self-confidence and conviction. Confidence in yourself can help you relate to other confident people who shall respect you for your confidence and help you achieve your own goals, talents and truest convictions as you fall in love with your art.




Melike Amjarv is an up-and-coming songwriter, producer and musical composer. Inspired by the message of love and being in love even if it is just in a dream, Melike has found music to be her calling. She is driven by the goals of making videos for all her music and narrating and curating magic and spellbinding stories through her videos and musical compositions.

Her stories are simple, or very complicated, depending on the lyrics in the song, the mood, and the feeling the song itself.
She works with David Vasquez and Jeff Lewis. David is a keyboard player, and Jeff plays the horns, mostly trumpets and tubas. Jeff plays modern jazz and is a great player who complements her own musical spirit and calling. David can play every style, from Classical, Jazz, Pop, Rock and others. Recording, mixing and mastering songs, this musical trio is one that is to be watched out as they produce rich and varied compositions that encompass the very innate spirit of creative music and dance pop compositions that inspire.



Name: Melike Amjarv
Email: [email protected]